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When it comes to making a choice of the best SMS (School Management Software) for your school, there are certain criteria to consider so you don’t end up shooting yourself in the leg.

Frankly speaking, there are numerous School Management Systems out there with most of them offering the same thing in different ways. Some promise unrealistic functionalities that are mostly not necessary or usable. So how can you avoid the pit hole of making the wrong choice, wasting your precious time and money only to end up with the wrong perception about every School Management or Learning Management Software?

Consider the following tips and you can thank me later:

  • Usability of the software: How user friendly is the application? It doesn’t matter the bulk of functionalities and features a software have, what matters most to end users (school, student, staff and parents) is the ease with which a user can navigate intuitively through the application. Once this is ascertained then you can explore the functionalities easily. The application’s features must also be functional and able to automate the manual process, thereby resolving the problems faced by your school.
  • Productivity of the Software: When choosing a software for your school, you must first be acquitted with the unique challenges facing your school and so you are on the lookout for an application that can produce the needed solution to your challenges, such as; improve student’s learning experience; improve staff efficiency by cutting back time used in doing mundane activities and automating such processes; enable parent participation in the tracking the academic progress of their wards and analysing records and reports for the school administration, basically making the learning process easier for all stake holders.
  • Reliability: How trusted is the application? Where is it hosted? How safe is your data and information? Who are the people behind the application, what is their track record? How supportive are they after implementation? How long does it take to implement? These are a few questions to ask as they are crucial to determining the reliability of the software. To know the true meaning of reliability check
  • Capacity: The desire of every school is growth and when choosing software, you must consider the capacity of the software to scale effortlessly with the school. In fact, a good software should enhance the growth of the school and be able to support it.

In Conclusion, a good School Management Software (SMS) is designed to make schools smart, however it is imperative to make a smart choice when choosing one. One of the best choice till date remains SCHULUP. Click here to contact us or email us on


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